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Creative Spice Rack Ideas

A newly renovated kitchen with a drawer open, filled with spices. A mortar and pestle and cookbooks sit on the counter.
Nat Rea

Got an impressive collection of spices? Show them off with an equally impressive spice rack.

Part of the fun of having colorful jars of seasonings around is in organizing and exhibiting them in a creative way. And if you’re planning to use these containers as an integral part of your kitchen decor, we’ve got all sorts of clever and crafty DIY spice rack ideas for displaying your collection.

Wall-mounted Spice Rack

a kitchen with open shelving and a color coordinated spice rack.
Nicolette Lovell/Courtesy Studio PlumbEye-catching spices can do double duty as works of art on your kitchen walls. Display them in a decorative frame or repurposed pallet, or install floating wall shelves for a neat, minimalist look. Just make sure the shelves have a lip or rail for keeping the jars in place.

Magnetic Spice Rack

A magnetic spice rack inside a kitchen cabinet.
Nathan KirkmanA magnetic fridge or surface in your kitchen is the perfect canvas for a spice jar collage. You can always purchase ready-made magnetic containers, but for the DIY version, simply use hot glue to attach strong magnets to decorative containers.

Keep in mind that the jars should be relatively light and flat, so they’ll adhere well and won’t protrude so much that they’ll get knocked off by accident. It might also be a good idea to use a material that won’t break, such as metal or acrylic, just in case a canister does get bumped off the fridge—the kitchen can be a hectic place.

Countertop Spice Rack

A modern spice rack in amber bottles sits on a modern kitchen counter.
Dylan Bartolini-Volk/Courtesy EvermillGone are the days when keeping your spices on the countertop simply meant lining them up against the wall. There are so many beautiful ways to exhibit your jars now, such as in an elegant criss-cross rack, on a tiered bamboo shelf (that expands!), or even in a vintage-look rotating caddy. These countertop options are as attractive as they are useful.

Spice Rack Cabinet

Spices stored inside a blue kitchen cabinet.
Nick Smith/GAP PhotosIf you’re not so into displaying your spices for everyone to see, there are some clever options for neatly hiding them away. For example, you can turn a regular kitchen cabinet into a spice rack cabinet with a slide-out organizer or a tiered lazy Susan.

Spice Rack Drawer

A newly renovated kitchen with a drawer open, filled with spices. A mortar and pestle and cookbooks sit on the counter.
Nat ReaDon’t have a cabinet to spare, but do have a drawer? Organize your spices neatly using a spice drawer insert, which keeps the bottles from rolling out of place when you open the drawer.

Pantry Door Spice Rack

Spices stored on the inside of a pantry door.
James French/GAP PhotosLike a shoe rack that hangs on the inside of the closet door, a spice rack that’s mounted to the inside of your pantry door can keep your spices organized while saving shelf space in the pantry. To avoid the mounting hardware, try these functional spice gripper clips instead.

These are just some ideas to get you started! With a pinch of creativity and a dash of imagination, your spices can enhance not just the flavor of your foods, but the aesthetic of your kitchen as well.

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